Summer Basics

I live in England and the fact that the sun has been out all summer long is a shocker. The sun is pretty rare in the UK that when it comes to comparing my  winter clothing to my summer clothing the difference is pretty high. I for one have had trouble when it comes to picking outfits to wear this summer due to worrying if I’ll sweat too much etc. But I came to the conclusion that when the sun’s out and the last thing you want to be wearing is an abundant amount of clothing that it’s  just better to stick with the basics.

That’s what I’ve been doing this summer and it’s saved me from feeling like I’m dying from the heat.

My go-to summer Basics are some blue jeans and white shirt.*Blue jeans by LDR start playing* Jokes aside it’s the perfect ensemble and there’s nothing more than a blue-jean-white-shirt outfit that screams 90s!

To add more personality to the outfit I added this vibrant green cardigan and my trustee bum bag. I swear you’ll probably see me rocking my bum bag 90% of the time as it’s become that CONVENIENT! Oh and these edgy micro-sunglasses that give me Audrey Hepburn vibes. Another favorite are these cute chunky shoes that give me a serious 90’s-dad-shoes-vibe.

Last but definitely not least, accessories. Jewelry is a no-brainer, seriously as long as there’s a reoccurring colour theme you’re good to go. For example, on this day I was wearing jewellery that was either fully gold or that had some gold accents. Another item I’ve been loving this summer is the Fenty Beauty lipstick in the colour Freckle Fiesta, its definitely one of the best lipsticks I own. From the coverage to the colour there’s really nothing I can complain about.

As a whole there are endless ways to either dress down or dress up summer Basics, which is why they’re definitely an essential this summer.

p.s let me know what you thought about this blog and if you have any clothing pieces/shoes you’d like to see me style.

As always see you in the next one



Adorned in Red

This spring/summer I’ve fallen in intense love with the colour red. I’ve always adored red but only when it concerned lipstick colours, but this spring/summer after being gifted the perfect pair of red boots last year and seeing them fashion bloggers and style icons my love for the colour red has grown deeper.

As well as that I didn’t really have the time or occasion to actually wear my boots. This was the SECOND time I wore these boots and the only reason was because it was Eid. And what a gracious celebration that was. Fun fact, I haven’t worn them since that day but I do plan to change that and wear them more often. I’ll let you know how I get on with that and how I pair them with different outfits.


On to the details, here’s a picture of my face that features my ears (obviously), that are adorned with gold abstract earrings and my neck that is layered with my go to gold necklace. Oh and last but definitely not least, the best 2018 summer small sunnies! Ah how I love them so!

Also, here’s a little video of me in motion featuring my trusty lil bum bag. Alot of comments were made about the bum bag on this certain occasion and not alot of them were positive but I for one loved wearing it with the dress. I believe the opinions are just a free gift that every bum bag owner receives and I welcome them with open arms!

To finish of I know I’ve been gone for quite some time and I’d be lying if I said I had a justifiable excuse for not being present. Therefore I’ll fast forward from all the excuses that I could possibly make and say that I hope you enjoyed the blog post and that I vow to upload a blog or two every week. Hold me accountable guys!

As always see you in the next one


The attainable 90’s look 

Ah the 90’s, a great era with great clothes. After stranger things, movies such as sixteen candles and overall fashion icons dressing themselves in everything that screams the 90’s. The 90’s have become a fashion hit with nearly everyone. I for one have hopped onto the 90’s train and don’t see myself getting off anytime soon.

This is probably the most obtainable 90’s look and the most casual, as it’s versatile. The key item for this look is the Roll neck neck, oversized shirt and the belt. The jeans can be switched from boyfriend jeans to wide leg jeans to skinny jeans, or a jean skirt, the list goes on!

As well as switching up the jeans you can switch up the polo neck to a band shirt or just a black polo neck with a not so high neck. On this particular day it was freezing so I opted into wearing a thicker polo neck. Oh and as for shoes just about any type of sneakers will do the job, especially if they’re just white.

In order to make an outfit yours, accessories are key! I wore my go to rings and bum bag, as they made the outfit look more put together. I also wore fishnet socks that gave the look a slight edge. The main reason that this look is one of my favourites is because nearly every person will have these items laying around in their wardrobe and as for the oversized stripe shirt I’m sure your dad has one lying around in his closet or maybe your brother. But if that’s not the case then fear not, I have left links for all the items at the bottom of this post. On my Instagram I will have the outfit details tagged, so be sure to check it out!

See you in the next one


polo neck  Roll neck jumper Boyfriend jeans  Band shirt Striped shirt Sneakers Belt Bum Bag Mom jeans  Midi Denim skirt Short Denim skirt

The Art In layering

Once you master the art of layering clothes there really is no going back. Personally, I’m a huge fan of layering my clothes as it saves me from having to wear a coat that covers my outfit. Especially when I’ve put a lot of thought into it, which is normal, right? But then there’s those odd days that I have no choice but to wear a coat. Overall, I try my best to be stylishly warm and comfortable in the outfit I’ve chosen, without having to throw my coat on. So far I’ve been successful.

There actually is no wrong or right way to layer clothes, I believe that as long as you and your outfit confidante (we all have one) agree that you look amazing,then you’re good to go and take on the day.



I’m not a huge fan of wearing monochrome outfits, apart from the occasional odd black pair of jean/jogger. But on this particular day I wanted to give the whole jumper Over dress/skirt trend a go.



Since I was trying to go for a more casual but stylish look, I stuck with wearing a full monochrome outfit but, if  you wanted to go for a more show stopping outfit I’d go for a colourful jumper or one that’s knitted. I’ll leave links for jumpers that would be perfect over a slip dress.


Even though I wanted to be cosy I also wanted to put my own touch to the outfit and that’s where the bag, fishnet socks and the jewelry comes in to place. The main feature of this outfit would be the embroidered strap, as the colors from the bag tie the outfit together and make it look more put together. ​



I almost always have a tote bag on me no matter where I go and it always has to be a tote bag with character. This particular bag I actually brought on the day, from a cool store called Magma in Manchester and I just fell in love with the artwork by David Shrigley. Also the bag went with the whole concept of layering which I was going for. Everyone who knows me, understands my love for expressing my self via my clothes and I hope to inspire you guys to try different trends and make them your own.

I hope the links below will help you in creating your own jumper-over-the-dress outfit.

– itsmenimra🌻

Black slip dress    shoes    embroidered Bag   socks   Black jumper  Necklace  Rings       Tote bag   Alternative jumper 1    Alternative jumper 2

What It’s really like. 

Hey guys, how are you? Good? That’s great and if everything isn’t going great trust me with time it will BE. TIME is KEY.  Any way moving on, this is a rant with a purpose. I swear. So proceed young ones.


Staying at home and doing nothing isn’t as nice as it sounds. To be honest it’s pretty shitty. When you’re in education all you want to do is go home and sleep and basically do nothing. But once you’re out of education or even if you’re taking a gap year etc life slows down. There’s pretty much nothing to do, even going to work everyday gets boring and yes as great as getting a wage is, its only a temporary pleasure.

Yeah it’s not a job that I plan to do for the rest of my life and one thing for sure is, that it makes me pretty motivated to do something with my life and actually work for the job I actually want. But that’s just me.

One thing I’ve realised from talking to people from uni/ gap year takers/uni dropouts etc is that once they get a job, that’s it for them. The motivation, the drive that they once had to follow their dreams just fizzles away. I get why, it’s because when you’re in education the path is already kind of paved out for you, you have a pretty basic idea of how to get from A to B. Whereas, when you’re not in education all you have is the current job that you’re working at or no job at all. Then the dreams that you once had are a lot more harder to obtain as you have to make your own path.

IMG_20171118_153032.jpgTo be honest I’m in that place currently, where it’s either fight or flight. I’ve chosen to fight for what I want because the thought of me sticking to a 9 to 5 job that, I’m not remotely passionate about scares the crap out of me. This also goes for the people who are currently in education, imagine yourself in a few years time working in whatever job the subject you’re studying allows you too, and if a feeling of joy and pride doesn’t appear in you, then is that really the subject for you?…

As you can tell it’s a pretty big topic that I can go on and on about. But I’d rather not. All I’m going to say is be whoever you want to be unless it’s a serial killer, DON’T be a serial killer.

See you in the next one



cropped-img_20171130_212229_478.jpgSooooooooo,this is my very first blog post and from what I know I’m supposed to explain what my blog is going to be based around and I’m suppose to engage my readers. well readers let me tell you, this blog is about the 90’s, the era that inspires me and by far the best era ever (if I do say so myself). Also it’s about fashion and how to incorporate it into the ever evolving world. As well as that its about lifestyle, and anything else that leaves me feeling that I have to share it with the world wide web.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention who I am and all the other itty bitty details. Hi,I’m Nimra and I’m 19 currently a uni dropout, of course by choice and also slightly because the idea of having to re-sit an exam left me with no motivation to carry on with the subject I was studying.  Currently I’m working at a call centre, FUN STUFF!…whilst trying to juggle this thing called Life.  Also I know I haven’t gone in to too much detail about my blog but I’m a big believer in show and tell, so I’ll leave it at that.

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